Timo Eva Wellness Private Limited

TIMO EVA WELLNESS is dedicated to the development, production and marketing of innovative, high quality products that improve the life of all beings equally.

The firm has been involved in animal health and nutrition since 2012. It is dedicated to provide products and services of the highest quality that our customers will receive superior value while our employees and business partners will share in our success and our stockholders receive a sustained growing return on their investment.

They have ventured into the human segment in the year 2018 with a promise to make everyday products better and accessible to everyone.

We, at Timo Eva, believe in our strategies, processes, and the commitment to achieve excellence. Timo Eva Wellness Private Limited is driven to grow and become one of the key strategic health companies in India with sustained growth and leadership.

Commitment to Values

We, at Timo Eva believe our word is our bond.

Growing Ethically

We believe in implementing ethical practices for maximizing the impact.

Quality First

We are committed to excellence in all that we do.

Maximizing Returns

We create value for all the stakeholders going the extra mile with the spirit of love.

Passionate Family

We work in creating an integrative and inclusive work culture.

Poultry Wellness

We strategically position Timo Eva Wellness Private Limited as a comprehensive animal health company. Timo Eva has in a short timeline been able to have established its strong presence in the major poultry belts (regions) all over the country. Timo Eva Wellness caters to 72% of the Poultry population in India – substantiating its position as a key strategic player. We, at Timo Eva, have a good distribution network to serve the major animal health belts in the country. Timo Eva Wellness has a strong team who can effectively beat the competition and launch products successfully.

FMCG Evolution

Timo Eva Wellness Private Limited aims at capitalizing on the FMCG potential in India. Globally, the FMCG industry created the second largest returns for the shareholders for 40 years prior to the financial crisis per the study done by McKinsey and Company in 2020. Timo Eva Wellness launched the brands of Cantik (2015) targeting the personal care segment and Runako (2017) targeting the home care segment. Timo Eva aims to create shareholder value by building the brands and distribution of Cantik and Runako.

Competitive Advantage

We, at Timo Eva Wellness Private Limited, compete in our circle of competence and strategically execute our competitive advantage. We believe that the brand of Timo Eva Wellness established in the animal health industry has been constructively creating an effective distributor, supplier, and buyer network.

Strategic partnerships

Timo Eva Wellness believes in strategic partnerships with global animal health companies with strong competitive advantage, as well as partnerships with Indian companies. We, at Timo Eva, believe in our highly experienced team to execute strategies together with the commitment to excellence - maximizing our performance.